Bluestream Services

Implementing a new system can seem daunting, even when the product can be used out-of-the-box and particularly when you have need for customization. The Bluestream team provides the services you need to be successful.

The Bluestream team has expertise and experience building and working with XML-based Component Content Management Systems (CCMS), e-business integration systems, custom data connections to line-of-business systems, and other projects using Web technologies, XML, databases, and Java.

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Our Clients Say...

We have thoroughly reviewed XDocs and are very impressed with its maturity and stability. The team producing XDocs understands their target market and has fine-tuned their product to provide a powerful system that authors find intuitive and easy-to-use. We’ve found that publishing performance far exceeds that of most other CMS products. DITA support is truly built into the product, making XDocs a very serious out-of-the-box DITA CMS solution.

Gershon L Joseph
Director of Technology and Single Sourcing
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.

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