You can learn more about Bluestream’s XDocs CCMS and its powerful DITA and content management features using the resources below.

See our Additional Resources page for a set of general resources about content management practices and using DITA.

See our Structured Content page for an introduction to DITA and structured content.

Product Brochures

XDocs CCMS Product Sheet

XDocs Solutions Sheet (New brochure coming soon!)

XDocs Knowledge Base (New brochure coming soon!)

Case Studies

From Struggle to Success Story

Part of the Solution

More coming soon!


You can find the XDocs User Guide and Technical Guide on the XDocs Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

For information about acquiring a username and password to access the guides, email us at


Use the sidebar link to visit the Webinars page to see XDocs, the complete DITA CMS, in action.