XDocs DITA Component Content Management System

With XDocs—you own and control your entire Content Development Life Cycle.

XDocs is a flexible, out-of-the-box Component Content Management System (CCMS) that addresses the increasingly complex demands for content. With XDocs modularity, you and your content team can create, update, manage, translate, and deliver content with unparalleled agility.

XDocs provides end-to-end, DITA 1.2-compliant content solutions.

XDocs components were designed with your authors, SMEs, editors, managers, translators, publishers, and end-users in mind. Whether your team includes numerous members who are spread across the globe or a couple of content-creators working in the same office, XDocs delivers incomparable value while allowing you to deliver the most up-to-date content consistently throughout all delivery modes. 

XDocs allows you to harness the power of DITA and maximize efficiency for all your technical, marketing, and organizational communications—throughout an entire content lifecycle and into the next.

Bluestream is a contributing member of the OASIS consortium.

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DITA Support

Some component content management systems (CCMS) claim to be “DITA compliant”, but don’t be fooled into accepting an “almost DITA” product. Only a true DITA product allows you to reap the semantic processing power of XML. Bluestream XDocs was created as a DITA product from its inception and can harness the features of DITA 1.2 to give you a powerful user experience.

Bluestream XDocs ships with a DITA editor.

Our Clients Say...

ClearComm Information Design has had the privilege of working with Bluestream on a MS Word to XML conversion project which required a CMS application to manage the XML pieces. Bluestream was very helpful in getting XDocs installed and working for ClearComm and our client, as well as providing a high level of service response. We worked on a customization together to create a document that fit the client’s future needs. As the main contact at ClearComm dealing with Bluestream I found Bluestream’s management and employees knowledgeable and helpful at every point within the project. They have created a product (XDocs) that is intuitive and easy to use with a great starting price point. I look forward to working with their team and their product again on future CMS projects.

Barbara Stuhlemmer
President and CEO
ClearComm Information Design

The Bluestream Advantage

Bluestream’s XDocs CCMS offers many advantages. Here are some of the top reasons for choosing XDocs:

  • Single-sourced content. XDocs can deliver dynamically-generated content that can be personalized, by client and on the fly.
  • Open system. XDocs can be configured, by your developers or ours, to suit your business model.
  • Licensing. We have a simple, flexible licensing structure, making adoption of a CMS practical for all sizes of organizations. Hosting is also available.
  • Value-add components. We bundle a DITA editor (XML Mind Editor) and an XSL FO and SVG processor (RenderX XEP) at no extra cost.
  • Standards-compliant. XDocs is a true DITA 1.2 solution, through and through.
  • Ease of deployment. The XDocs CCMS is an “install and use” system.
  • Enhanced support. In addition to our product documentation, when a client calls, they get a real person on the line—no telephone brush-offs and no ticketing queue.
  • International partners. Bluestream enjoys an international network of solution partners who can help you maximize your DITA potential.

Proudly Supporting:

  • Content Management Professionals
  • DITA Users
  • DITA.XML.org

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