Bluestream’s Fall 2014 Conference Schedule

This fall, Bluestream is pleased to attend and exhibit at LavaCon in Portland, Oregon on October 12-15, 2014 and at DITA Europe in Munich, Germany on November 18-19. If you are also attending one or both conferences, Bluestream invites you to visit their table and share your content concerns. Bluestream will have XDocs CCMS version 4.0 at the conference and will be discussing exciting new features in content management.

Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy will be presenting a session at LavaCon entitled, “Is DITA Simple, Complex, or Complicated?” In Jim’s session, you will learn which DITA features are simple, which features are complex, and how features can become overly complicated. You will also learn how to match content project objectives with DITA features. You will see how complexity enters into all phases of content management from authoring through to publishing. A formal framework for evaluating complexity will be discussed; finally, techniques for avoiding complications in concept and practice will be presented.

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