XDocs CCMS v. 2.3 Released

Bluestream Releases XDocs CCMS Version 2.3

Bluestream Database Software Corp., a provider of DITA-enabled content component management solutions today announced the general availability of it’s flag-ship product XDocs v. 2.3.  With it’s mission to enable corporations of all sizes to fully benefit from CCMS solution and DITA, Bluestream delivers yet another version of XDocs that is more robust and plays nice with third party applications.

Key features include:

Off-Line edit – Directories of files and their dependents can be exported for offline editing using checkout optimistic mode as necessary. After export, the local computer can be disconnected from the network and editing can continue. When the network is available again, the changed offline files can be imported to the repository as new versions.  This not only allows for greater productivity and ability to work in regions with flaky internet connection and low bandwidth but it also allows for interoperability with any XML editor that is not tightly integrated with XDocs.

LDAP  – Authentication of Light Weight Authentication Protocol (LDAP) users can be redirected to an LDAP server. These LDAP users will be replicated in XDocs so XDocs permissions can be applied to them like any other user.  The use of LDAP connector is optional and requires no configuration by end-users.  For companies that manage all their contacts through CRM applications such as Salesforce, this feature is an absolute must.

About Bluestream

Bluestream Database Software Corp. is the world leader in XML content component management technology. Bluestream’s flag-ship product, XDocs, an end-to-end DITA content component management system, has been embraced by end-users, technology partners, OEMs, and resellers around the world. Bluestream has been successfully selling its products and services since 1997