Bluestream Releases XDocs v. 2.2

Bluestream Database Software Corp. today announced the release of it’s flag-ship product XDocs 2.2 the world’s most affordable content component management system (CCMS).  Designed with non-technical users in mind XDocs offers a turn-key DITA solution with the most robust feature set capable of supporting some of the largest technical documentation departments in the world.

Some of the feature highlights of this XDocs 2.2 version release include:

WebWorks – server based integration with webWorks ePbulish and ePublish pro.  Out-of-the-box integration available for server-based publish to multiple formats including PDF, Confluence Wiki, HTML, RTF and other.

Enhanced Knowledge Base:
Knowledge Base Administrator – Most configuration tasks can now be done from a kbAdmin page instead of the web XML.
Redirect Login – log-on can be redirected to a site and redirected from a site with a token passed.

Eclipse Help Publish – Out-of-the-box export to the popular DITA OT Eclipse help.  One click away…

Publish Job Plug-in Framework – A framework has been added where a publish job can be snapped into XDocs using a Java plug-in API.

Export Files –  Export a set of files by choosing a root file.  XDocs will search for all liked to files and will export those as well.  Files can be exported as: Raw storage format, Processed by DITA conditional processing or preprocess by DITA preprocessing inclusion of conrefs and other preprocessing.

About Bluestream

Bluestream Database Software Corp. is the world leader in XML content component management technology. Bluestream’s flag-ship product, XDocs, an end-to-end DITA content component management system, has been embraced by end-users, technology partners, OEMs, and resellers around the world. Bluestream has been successfully selling its products and services since 1997.