Webinar – Using FrameMaker and DITA with XDocs Content Management System

[View the recorded webinar using this link.]

When it comes to working with DITA, FrameMaker, XDocs and DITA-FMx are a powerful combination. Using these tools provides an affordable DITA suite in which you can:

  • Create symantically marked up content that adheres to the DITA specification
  • Use CMS features to check in, manage, and publish content
  • Create rich output using familiar FrameMaker templates

Attend a free 90 minute webinar and see how this can be done, hear real client stories, and gain insight into how the process is implemented, managed, and used.

This webinar is a collaborative effort between Bluestream Database Software, Leximation Inc. and Publishing Smarter Inc. The respective companies have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in DITA-enabled content management systems, technical publications, structured content, content conversion, and FrameMaker.


  • Welcome
  • Client case study
  • Overview of content conversion (Word/FrameMaker/other)
  • Benefit of DITA-FMx plug in
  • Introduction to Bluestream XDocs CMS
  • Content import to a CMS
  • Check in/out and edits in FrameMaker 8 and 9
  • Publish using FrameMaker
  • Publish from a CMS
  • Q & A


Bernard Aschwanden, President, Publishing Smarter Inc.
Nenad Furtula, VP Sales and Marketing, Bluestream Database Corp.
Scott Prentice, President, Leximation Inc.