Bluestream Releases XDocs 2.0, an Affordable DITA Component Content Management Solution

Bluestream Database Software Corp., the only provider of XML content management solutions committed to enabling all sizes and types of organizations to get the benefits of a CMS, today released Version 2.0 of its flagship product, Bluestream XDocs. The long-awaited revamp of this CCMS (component content management system) brings a new level of sophistication to this DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) solution. The XDocs CCMS is a standards-based, true DITA CMS meant to handle the management of content components. This type of CMS is ideal for managing technical content, whether that content is destined to be published in technical documentation, training material, or a knowledge base.

Bluestream XDocs is ideal as a solution for a functional group or department, recognizing that individual departments may not have access to the infrastructure required to undertake complex and costly customizations. With most flexible pricing model on the market – an unlimited user license costs a budget-conscious $10,000 – the basic XDocs system ships with a fully configured XML editor, a PDF rendering server (XEP by RenderX), and a robust Knowledge Base Creator.

“The reputation of XDocs has been built on providing a no-nonsense, affordable package to organizations that want DITA but don’t have the six-figure budgets to bring in a system filled with bells and whistles they actually don’t need,” said Nenad Furtula, Bluestream’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “We believe that any group that has a single-sourcing need should be able to take advantage of this technology.”

The XDocs system has been built with non-technical users in mind. XDocs is a single-sourcing solution that enables content contributors to create, manage, and store large volumes of both XML and non-XML content. Organizations will also get the most out of their content re-use at the publishing end, as XDocs is ideal for multi-channel publishing. Also, because XDocs has a standards-based architecture, it is also ideal for the organization that wants to customize it for non-conventional uses.

About Bluestream

Bluestream Database Software Corp. is a serious contender in the XML database and XML content management technology space. Bluestream’s flagship product, the XDocs CCMS, is an end-to-end DITA component content management system which has been embraced by end users, technology partners, OEMs, and resellers around the world. Bluestream has been successfully selling its products and services since 1997 to customers in many verticals including, military, manufacturing healthcare, financial/banking, content management, and e-learning.